Absolutely not! There is no law requiring you to have your seat professionally installed. It is simply an option available to parents to ensure their little (and big) ones are as safe as possible in the car.
Whenever we adjust or fit a car seat we always make sure to explain everything we are doing and show you how to install it yourself. We are here to help you keep your kids as safe as possible and teaching you how to install and adjust the seat yourself is a big part of that.
Of course! We are completely independent of any brand so are always happy to offer objective advice on car seats to suit any budget. Just message us with your budget, age of child/children, car make and model and we are happy to offer some suggestions.

A type 1 Child Car Restraint Fitter can correctly fit child restraints to an approved standard and give advice and consumer information regarding different types of child restraints and their suitability for use according to a child’s age and size.

Occasionally vehicles require additional child restraint anchorage points to be installed. If the provision for new or additional child car restraint anchorage points is required (called aftermarket anchorage points), this must be installed in accordance with statutory vehicle safety requirements.

All aftermarket anchorage point provisions are required to be installed by a Type 2 Fitter and modification paperwork will be issued.

Our usual service area is from Leschenault to Gelorup but we are always happy to travel and have previously done installations in Collie, Harvey and Busselton! Mobile installations start at $50.
Unfortunately no. Child restraints must comply with the Australian Safety Standard, therefore restraints bought overseas will not comply. The seat must have an approved Australian Standards label which you will usually find on the shell underneath the seat.