Car Window Shade Tints-1 Size Fits All!



Product Description

Car Window Shade Product Features

  • You can still wind your window up and down
  • The pattern cannot be seen from the outside of the car
  • The driver can still see through the window tint
  • Suitable for already tinted windows
  • DIY to suit any shape car window
  • 62% UVA/UVB Protection
  • 60% Heat Rejection

Inkx & Baby Got Shade car window shades are designed to reduce direct sun glare for babies and kids whilst ensuring complete safety for the driver. Many car shades on the market restrict the visibility of the driver when looking through the rear passenger windows, compromising you and your family’s safety. The window tints are perforated to allow excellent visibility, along with ensuring children can watch the world go by.

The car window shades come in many gorgeous prints so whatever your style is, there’s an option both you and your child will love. For those child chauffeurs who prefer not to have a printed shade on their windows we also have black shades available.

Whilst we love the gorgeous designs, because the film is placed on the inside of the window, they are not visible from the outside of the car. They also reduce visibility into the car so obscuring unwanted eyes from seeing those things of value to your family.

These perforated window tints are suitable for all vehicles as they come in a large sheet allowing you to trim the sheet to fit your car window perfectly. So whether it be the daily drive or a special vehicle that the kids are only allowed in if they don’t eat or put their feet on the back of the seats, we’ve got you covered!

Importantly, these car window shades do not leave any permanent residue on car windows. Simply spray with glass cleaning solution and wipe to remove any excess adhesive.

These shades are also super thin so you can still wind your window all the way down and back up again without issue.

***Please Note: One sheet will cover 1 window, to cover both rear windows please order two sheets.

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